1. Adequately represents my state of mind today with this totally unexpected fall weather in Toronto!!! I guess the heat wave this weekend was just a tease….ahhh how I wish I could be under my covers 🙊


  2. Bed be mine.. Hard to leave this this morning!😴 #happymonday


  3. Toronto heatwave … YES PLEASE ☀️☀️☀️☀️#neverendingsummer #fallnails


  4. Last day of summer (20/09) and I am crossing over to darker shades over this yummy coconut yogurt breakfast! Ahhh September 😍


  5. Simplicity wins! 🙌 How easy is this twisted half updo! 🌙


  6. Bursts of orange as I prepare to add thigh high wool socks to this perfect autumn look! Summer, even if there are 2 days left… I’ve moved on 🍂🍃 #hellofall


  7. I always love rediscovering my closet of shoes after summer months of wearing sandals and peep-toes! #isabellemarant #tuesdayshoesday


  8. Celebrate the little things!! 😊🎉🎉 Bon vendredi!


  9. Runway inspired tresses 😍 #tbt to this amazing glam squad! MUA: @heyprettymakeup 💅 Hair: @allison_kam #jayublogged


  10. How many chokers is too many chokers? #nevertoomuch #choker 🌙